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  1. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant

    16 minutter siden

    This isn’t Bookworm Adventures Deluxe???

  2. Road To MMA

    Road To MMA

    17 minutter siden

    I know it doesn't mean much but I recognize someone with passion in what he does and I want to thank you for that thank you man

  3. BreakfastEater


    Time siden

    If you told me Dunkey would make a video on a french comedy film that I wrote an essay on sophomore year of college, I definitely wouldn't think he'd make a semi-serious video about the tropes in the film. Is the simulation glitching, like what the fuck is going on

  4. Alex Silva

    Alex Silva

    2 timer siden

    Oh I didn't realize this was Cinefix. Not bad, but I like Clint's voice better

  5. Victor Johnson

    Victor Johnson

    2 timer siden

    We all waiting for that e3 2021 dunkeyness

  6. the jewish gamer

    the jewish gamer

    4 timer siden

    E3 direct reaction?

  7. David Schleif

    David Schleif

    4 timer siden

    become the anthony fantano of obscure cinema dunkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I'm too good at pvp

    I'm too good at pvp

    5 timer siden

    This was extremely exhausting, I don't think I could watch the movie, i'd have to pause at every scene.

  9. IDNisme


    5 timer siden

    Are u still in Paris?

  10. Javier Mendoza Suarez

    Javier Mendoza Suarez

    5 timer siden

    Love when you tackle movies

  11. spicy toast

    spicy toast

    6 timer siden

    Hopefully he does a reaction to e3 and nintendo direct

  12. Thomas Guillen

    Thomas Guillen

    6 timer siden

    Never would I have thought in a million years that Dunkey, the guy who talks about video games would upload a video on his appreciation for the French arthouse classic by the great Jaques Tati. Oh how exciting!!!

  13. ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation

    ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation

    7 timer siden

    Don’t mind me, just waiting for Dunkeys Nintendo Direct review

  14. Jack Chronicler

    Jack Chronicler

    8 timer siden


  15. Sugar Jesus

    Sugar Jesus

    8 timer siden

    Dunk veiw for ape escape 3

  16. beegchunguz


    9 timer siden

    "Hey Dunkey, E3 is coming up." Dunkey: "Hold on, I'm watching *Playtime* brotha."

  17. Adam Kramer

    Adam Kramer

    9 timer siden

    dunkey should review being john malkovich

  18. zeldarms


    10 timer siden

    Need more MovieDunkey

  19. Soy Boy

    Soy Boy

    10 timer siden

    cool so will you now review 90's neo-soul & RnB albums?

  20. Ryan Stevens

    Ryan Stevens

    10 timer siden

    MAy i rec zazie dans le metro???

  21. Matt3683683


    11 timer siden

    God damn I was just watching this movie the other day. Tati is a master!!

  22. Owen Inouye

    Owen Inouye

    11 timer siden

    I'm calling it ahead of time. Dunkey will put out a kessen smash dlc character review

  23. Jan Popławski

    Jan Popławski

    11 timer siden


  24. Double Play

    Double Play

    12 timer siden

    Hope youre ready to make another e3 video about how bad it was and how xbox cared the who thing. Elden Ring Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 were the only good games to be announced

  25. Kyle fooblegoop

    Kyle fooblegoop

    13 timer siden

    Bravo, encore, encore

  26. Kuro Zero 10

    Kuro Zero 10

    13 timer siden

    So basically this movie makes you feel like the almighty cameraman

  27. Colden Honner

    Colden Honner

    14 timer siden

    Thank you Dunkey for expanding my horizons

  28. Jim R

    Jim R

    15 timer siden

    restaurant scene pretty much describes modern game releases - that's why the movie is called playtime

  29. SoyReason


    15 timer siden

    u from milwaukee?

  30. Renato Silva

    Renato Silva

    15 timer siden

    this is the third strand type of game

  31. Jaime Jimenez

    Jaime Jimenez

    16 timer siden

    Not on Netflix /:

  32. Color Me Twisted

    Color Me Twisted

    16 timer siden

    I assume a just before uploading Dunk was in some discord going, "You really don't think they will watch anything I upload regardless of the content? Just you fucking wait bucko"

  33. Ceabiscuit Clips & Highlights

    Ceabiscuit Clips & Highlights

    17 timer siden

    Really well done video Dunkey! Can't wait for more reviews!

  34. escho14


    17 timer siden

    I can't stop re-watching this, either.

  35. Maru


    17 timer siden

    Dunkey literally wrote an English essay for this

  36. Gabriel Romero

    Gabriel Romero

    18 timer siden

    Very deep

  37. Ciro Alves Nolasco

    Ciro Alves Nolasco

    18 timer siden

    This vid is awesome

  38. Mecano Lacrymo

    Mecano Lacrymo

    18 timer siden

    What a surprise that your talk about Tati ! Nice ! :)

  39. Carson Hindle

    Carson Hindle

    21 time siden

    Im still holding out for a dying game like Titanfall 2 to reach dunkey's ears.

  40. monster miku

    monster miku

    21 time siden

    he said among

  41. SuperHotStalin


    Dag siden

    This movie looks stunning

  42. Ferdinand von Aegir

    Ferdinand von Aegir

    Dag siden

    Dunkey is really pushing me to the limits, he should honestly go to Aruba or something

  43. Jeremy Corbin

    Jeremy Corbin

    Dag siden

    Jeez thanks for showing me this, I'd probably never have heard of it otherwise

  44. Lode Star

    Lode Star

    Dag siden


  45. FoxGuyXD._.


    Dag siden

    I want to see dunkey talk about the new R&C game

  46. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy

    Dag siden

    So here we find out that dunkey should be reviewing everything, as he does it all with equal measures of humor and genuine insight.. bravo dunk

  47. Hoosier Naysh

    Hoosier Naysh

    Dag siden


  48. Sid


    Dag siden

    “But did you see the gorilla?”

  49. dankin mcspankin

    dankin mcspankin

    Dag siden

    im glad he remembered this

  50. Condorman Refreshed

    Condorman Refreshed

    Dag siden

    Please don’t shoot me

    • Michael Rodriguez

      Michael Rodriguez

      6 timer siden

      Don't shoot my guy

    • yaliso gioouy

      yaliso gioouy

      Dag siden

      I need more movie dunkviews now

  51. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez

    Dag siden

    5:15 Oh excuse me... would you like some... fish? sir??? Oh actually... it just blew up.

  52. Thecoolninja100


    Dag siden

    Dunkey play Hylics 2 it's the next bookworm knackventures plus

  53. Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson

    Dag siden

    Dunkey despite all his great game accomplishments is still too afraid to play a real puzzle have like myst

  54. deegs


    Dag siden

    make the funny cheeto video

  55. Matt Nuthak

    Matt Nuthak

    Dag siden

    My God, Dunky's observation skill is truly something to marvel. Keep it up, babyyy! 😁🤟

  56. pescando


    Dag siden

    This video made me drunk

  57. Brinkle Bros

    Brinkle Bros

    Dag siden

    I love your movie reviews dunkey! I watched the one Brazil movie you mentioned on your one podcast thing and it was incredible! Love to see more!

  58. dandeentremont


    Dag siden

    French, of course

  59. Hacim 42

    Hacim 42

    Dag siden

    Man, I absolutely love it when the dunk just shares a piece of media he's genuinely passionate about. I love it when he's memeing through his teeth, but something about the more direct and analytical videos makes me want to write reviews like that.

    • Sergio Nolasco

      Sergio Nolasco

      6 timer siden

      His Whiplash/La La Land video is chef's kiss

  60. Who Am I?

    Who Am I?

    Dag siden

    It really makes me feel like Spider-Man.

  61. Andy McClurg

    Andy McClurg

    Dag siden

    I think we're overdue for some Strand type gameplay in Smash. Norman Deekus will be revealed at E3 tomorrow. He will have his signature unskippable shower taunt that takes 10 minutes to complete, a taunt where he drinks a bottle of mountain dew, and a taunt where he calls you Princess Beach. He will be the slowest character in the game. Any time you try to move the character, you take damage and get an electric shock from your controller, a truly innovative mechanic.

  62. Daniel Queiroz

    Daniel Queiroz

    Dag siden

    Where can i find it for watching?

  63. Sonic Goo

    Sonic Goo

    Dag siden

    People are making two hour, four hour, eight hour video essays these days. This is the antidote.

  64. William Chapman

    William Chapman

    Dag siden

    I need more movie dunkviews now

  65. Beautiful Joyful

    Beautiful Joyful

    Dag siden

    Dunkey, can you play Oni by Bungie :)?

  66. yitznewton


    Dag siden

    Just got this from the library. Thanks dunk 💯💿

  67. ghost6avos


    Dag siden

    trying to reach a cinephile niche i see

  68. Kev


    Dag siden

    This is a great video.

  69. moritz


    Dag siden

    Jazzpunk the movie.

  70. MechakittenX


    Dag siden

    Dunky abruptly changes pace in his content in a way that's oddly refreshing.

  71. pknm


    Dag siden


  72. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui

    Dag siden

    As a 4 yr old this is what I imagined my parents meant when they said a movie was too adult for me.

  73. Andy McClurg

    Andy McClurg

    Dag siden

    It's sad that Dunkey's viewer base hasn't watched this as much as it deserves. He reviews with insight and surgical precision that it's no surprise he got the world record on Bowser's Big Bean Burrito

    • Dalgus Maximus

      Dalgus Maximus

      Dag siden

      Let it stew a bit more. His videos usually reach 3 to 4 million over a few months.

  74. Dolotorio


    Dag siden

    Michael Jordan, Kojima and Miyamoto (who is eating all the popcorn chicken) He's done it, dunkey made the best E3 table

  75. tylerdeedot


    Dag siden

    dunkey is unironically the only good critic

    • foopyu nooui

      foopyu nooui

      Dag siden

      "This is worse than the time I watched a 60's French comedy with Logan Paul at Donkey Kong's house" - Gex

  76. First Last

    First Last

    Dag siden

    this is the best dunkey vid

  77. Damien Kelly

    Damien Kelly

    Dag siden

    Goddamn i love Dunkey

  78. David Manea

    David Manea

    Dag siden

    conclusion: Dont eat that fish

  79. Dylan Pulley

    Dylan Pulley

    Dag siden

    Truly the Knack of movies

  80. Fallon O'Neill

    Fallon O'Neill

    Dag siden

    Dunkey should watch Brazil (1985) next.

  81. X. CLAN

    X. CLAN

    Dag siden

    Ahhh yes, dunkey made a movie review ive been wanting to see him do this since like 2017-2018 or smt I remember him talking bout making movie reviews on a podcast

  82. funny man

    funny man

    Dag siden

    Can’t help but notice you haven’t made a video on titanfall 2 yet dunky

  83. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

    Dag siden

    hey i was thinking about that idea. welp already been done i guess

  84. Brant


    Dag siden

    I wonder if terry gilliam's Brazil (1985) was inspired by playtime? brazil has that droll, metallic aesthetic just like playtime.

  85. Avery Studios

    Avery Studios

    Dag siden

    The audio is super quiet bros

  86. Aaron Bowen

    Aaron Bowen

    Dag siden

    Change your name to MovieDunky right now or delete this video immediately. I hate change.

  87. Henri Ducard

    Henri Ducard

    Dag siden

    Didn't expect to be captivated by a review of some 60s french comedy I've never heard of. Bravo 👏

  88. marco baldonado

    marco baldonado

    Dag siden

    I love this movie!!! and Mon Oncle!!!!!

  89. Sephiroth: The One-Winged Angel

    Sephiroth: The One-Winged Angel

    Dag siden

    "This is worse than the time I watched a 60's French comedy with Logan Paul at Donkey Kong's house" - Gex

  90. Alex Hersh

    Alex Hersh

    Dag siden

    i want to eat the fish

  91. CommonerJam43


    Dag siden

    Dunkey needs to review more films

  92. Caselvania


    Dag siden

    wheres the e3 reaction video

    • Dalgus Maximus

      Dalgus Maximus

      Dag siden

      In time rondo. In time.

  93. W. Adams

    W. Adams

    Dag siden

    Thanks for the insightful review. Ill definitely watch the movie.

  94. Cooper Burns

    Cooper Burns

    Dag siden

    Dang this movie looks cool!

  95. tacoladd


    Dag siden

    Watch Mon Oncle

  96. defvent


    Dag siden

    Dunkey gives us what we want and we didn't even know we wanted it.

    • C E

      C E

      11 timer siden

      He isnt the hero we wanted... but he's the hero we needed.

  97. Ethan Vande Pol

    Ethan Vande Pol

    Dag siden

    You review good movies, Thank you.

  98. William Barnett

    William Barnett

    Dag siden

    I'm pretty sure they actually built a lot of these buildings for the movie, guess they lost a lot of money from the movie. Or something go look it up

  99. Haz Melz

    Haz Melz

    Dag siden

    Bro. You’re an artist.